More on Toddler Death

Police charge a Chattanooga father with the death of his child.

Chattanooga police say 43-year-old Robert Reid has been charged with criminally negligent homicide and aggravated child abuse and neglect.

This comes after 15-month-old Timothy Reid was left baking in a smoldering car earlier the Chattanooga business Unishippers on Century Oaks drive...

Police say Reid dropped his three older children off at school but failed to drop off Timothy at daycare.

The inside of the car was 142 degrees according to firefighters.

The child was in the car for nearly 7 hours.

With near record-breaking temperatures the discovery of the child came too late.

Chattanooga Detective Toby Hewitt says, "Fire and EMS received a call about CPR in progress on an infant..they responded out here, took over the CPR and the child was later pronounced dead."

Just how or why the child was left in the car is unknown.

Police do say one or both of the child's parents may work at the Chattanooga business, where the car was left parked.

Hewitt adds, "Who knows the exact temperature that can be reached inside a vehicle ..It's quite unbearable."

That's why with a tragic ending like this..comes a message from police.

"Children...people of all ages be mindful of the heat especially in vehicles and confined spaces and although it's less serious, pet as well..but especially children and those who can't care for themselves...we have to be mindful," says Hewitt.

Detective Hewitt says fortunately police don't see these kind of incidents as often as they could.