Little Girl Dies After Being Trapped in Car
Reported by: Kim Fischer
Last Update: 6:02 am

KIRBY, Texas - Kirby police and Child Protective Services are investigating the death of a small child.

Police say 4-year-old Kamryn West was playing outside when she somehow got trapped inside a car at an apartment complex on Ackerman Road. A neighbor found her at 2:30pm Saturday.

CPS says her body temperature had gotten up to 109 degrees. She was airlifted to University Hospital, but died before she got there.

Police say Kamryn's mom, 33-year-old Rhonda West, had not seen her child in at least four hours.

Neighbors hope other parents will learn from this tragedy.

"Whether they live in a home or an apartment community, they have to be out here to supervise their children," said Sandra Jasso.

News 4 has learned the girl's mom has been investigated by CPS in the past. Police say her four other children have been removed from the home. They're staying with neighbors.