Professor's baby dies in hot car

IRVINE, California (AP) --A university professor's 10-month-old son died after being locked in a car on campus for more than three hours while temperatures were in the 90s.


Students at the University of California, Irvine, noticed Michael Warschauer strapped into a car seat in the back of the car and called police


The child's father, Mark J. Warschauer, was distraught, authorities said.


"About noon he saw a commotion around the car, came out and learned that he'd left the child in there. Apparently he didn't realize it," said Irvine police Lt. Jeff Love.


Warschauer, 49, was not arrested but a child endangerment charge is possible, Love said.


Warschauer is vice chair of the university's Department of Education and an associate professor of information and computer technology.


Neighbors described Warschauer and his wife, Keiko Hirata, as doting parents.


"I would see him outside with the baby all the time. He adored him," Tracey Mulder said. "He was just a loving, loving father."