6-Month-Old Left In Daycare SUV Dies
Lauren Leamanczyk
Katie DeLong
MILWAUKEE - A 6-month-old baby boy was found dead Thursday afternoon in a daycare SUV.

It happened near the Cuddle Care Daycare at 38th and Lisbon.

The owner apparently picked the child up around 8:00 a.m. Thursday to bring the child to the daycare. The owner says a worker was told to get the child out of the SUV. That worker denies that.

The child was never removed from the SUV and was found dead around 4:00 Thursday afternoon.

Police were still investigating Thursday evening and it was a very active scene.

Temperatures peaked in the lower 80's on Thursday afternoon, but it was much hotter inside the closed SUV.

The parents of many other children at the daycare were on the scene and many of them were shaking their heads at what a senseless tragedy this is. The parents were shaken up because their own children attend the Cuddle Care Daycare.