Baby's Heat-Related Death Ruled As Homicide

Last Edited: Friday, 07 Sep 2007, 9:38 PM CDT
Created: Friday, 07 Sep 2007, 9:38 PM CDT

Kansas City said there were two heat related deaths this summer and one of them is now being called a homicide. A 19-month-old baby was left in a car and died from her injuries

The baby's family members said they were angry about her death because no one has been charged yet.

On Friday the family got the death certificate and found out it's been ruled a homicide. 19-month-old Ariana Hughes died July 27. She was brought to Children's Mercy Hospital, but her parents never told anyone that the baby had been left in a car.

It was later that the official cause of death was heat exposure. The victim's great-aunt said several days later, the mother confessed to family members that she had left the baby in a car for 14 hours.

She claimed it was a miscommunication between her and her sister: each thought the other had gotten the baby out of the car seat and brought her in the house.

According to a news release, KCMO police are investigating the death. The family said they're planning to go to the police station to try and make another statement and ask why no one has been charged.

Tess Koppelman, FOX 4 News