Infant left in hot car in Danville dies

The infant who was left in a hot car early this week, died Saturday afternoon in a Roanoke hospital.

Shortly after 12 p.m., doctors at Roanoke Carillon Children’s Clinic pronounced Dakhyran Markell Reeves dead. He was 1 year, eight months old, according to a news release from the Danville Police Department.

Reeves was injured on Wednesday, when he, a 3-year-old girl and a 78-year-old woman with dementia were left for an undisclosed amount of time in a car in the parking lot of the Ross store in Coleman MarketPlace.

Passers by called police and EMS, but the vehicle had left by the time responders arrived. Using license plate information gathered from witnesses, police were able to track the vehicle to a residence on Kemper Road. When emergency personnel arrived, they found all three suffering from heat exposure.

The elderly woman was transported to Danville Regional Medical Center and released on Friday. The two young children were transported to Roanoke. The 3-year-old was also released on Friday, according to the release.

Right now Reeves’ body has been transported to the medical examiner’s officer for an autopsy. No charges have been filed yet and Danville police along with the Department of Social Services continue to investigate.

Three Still Hospitalized Following Danville Heat-Related Emergency

Danville, VA - Three people remain in the hospital after a dangerous heat emergency in Danville Tuesday. Police continue to investigate the incident, but to date no charges have been pressed.

A woman left her infant son and three-year-old daughter in the hot car in the parking lot, under the supervision of a 78-year-old woman with dementia.

A shopper called 911, but when police arrived she wasn't there. Instead, police say the woman got in her car and drove to a house on Kemper Road. Police had to look up her license plate to track her to the home. Neighbors say when she pulled into the driveway, she was clearly upset.

"All the sudden I saw the gray car pulled into the thing recklessly and then the police pulled up right behind it and the police got the kids and the grown up out the car," said Ebonee Price, a neighbor.

"They hurried up and got him over on the ground. Then they got the little girl out. She was limp. Got her over on the ground!" added Lisa Davis, also a neighbor.

Many people on Kemper Road say the three-year-old girl was throwing up and the infant's complexion had changed, that he was much darker than usual.

"It was just limp. It looked like he had no life in him at all," said Davis.

Meanwhile, neighbors say their mother, who they claim is Danielle Clark, was frantic.

"She was nervous and she was trying to call people on the phone. She was just, she was all upset too," said neighbor, Benjamin Price.

"Next thing I hear they was just like, 'y'all, we got to get them out of here. We gotta go!'" recalled Davis.

The two children were airlifted to Roanoke.

Police say the woman, who neighbors say is Clark, drove from the Coleman Marketplace to the Kemper Road home, after the 911 call. ABC 13 timed that drive and it took roughly five minutes. On the way, we drove right by the hospital- exactly where experts say someone with a heat emergency this extreme, should go.

"Either call 911 which would be your best option to get immediate help to you or at least go to the closest hospital," said Assistant Chief Steve Dishman, with the Danville Fire Department.

Police are still trying to sort out exactly what happened.

"The investigation is active and ongoing. And there are potential charges, can't rule them out at this point," said Danville Police Cpt. Matt Carter.

Neighbors say what they saw Tuesday, they won't forget anytime soon.

"It was just a terrifying thing to see yesterday," said Davis. "It tore me up and was just devastated. I really was."

Police say the infant's condition is still very critical, but the three-year-old girl and woman are both showing signs of improvement.

It's worth noting - neighbors say Clark regularly put her children in a van with the air conditioning to cool off. In fact, also Tuesday, they told us one of the kids kicked the gear shift and the van went rolling into the road before anyone could stop it.