Mesa police: Baby died in car without AC; babysitter arrested for DUI

A 4-month-old baby died Monday in Mesa from an apparent heat-related illness and police have arrested the child's babysitter, authorities said.

Teonna George-Brown was unresponsive and "appeared to have an elevated body temperature'' when she was brought to a convenience store Monday, said Sgt. Tony Landato, a Mesa police spokesman.

The infant was transported to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Shawn Lewis Dale, 19, a family friend who was babysitting Teonna while her parents were working, was arrested by police on suspicion of aggravated driving under the influence with a passenger less than 15 years old.

Dale walked into the store in the 2800 block of East University Drive carrying Teonna. Police accuse Dale of driving Teonna to the convenience store while he was impaired, Landato said.

Landato said Dale told police he is not from the area and was driving around lost for four hours, trying to pick up the child's father, in a car without air conditioning.

At some point, Dale said he noticed that the child was ill and sought help inside the store.

Police are awaiting the results of Teonna's autopsy and the baby girl's death remains under investigation.