Unattended infant found dead in a car in Newport

April 24,2004
Jannette Pippin 
Freedom ENC

NEWPORT -- A Mill Creek child died Thursday after apparently being left unattended in a vehicle, according to the Carteret County Sheriff's Department.

Twenty-month-old Trinity Bowen was found dead around 5:30 p.m. in a car outside her grandmother's residence at 180 Stargaze Lane, Sheriff Ralph Thomas Jr. said Friday in a written statement.

The grandmother was baby-sitting the infant and reportedly forgot she had put the child in the car.

"The child had a doctor's appointment and had been placed in the car by the grandmother. The grandmother went back in the house for something and apparently forgot the child," Thomas said.

The Sheriff's Department said no charges are being considered because there was no criminal intent.

"The sheriff's office considers this a very tragic situation and we extend our deepest sympathy to the family," Thomas said.

"This is one of the worst things we have dealt with in many years. We would again remind everyone that it is dangerous to leave children unattended in a car."

The statement did not indicate how long the child was left in the car or the cause of death.

According to the sheriff's statement, the child was found after the child's parents asked another family member to check on the infant.

The parents were out of town for the day and called another relative when they were unable to reach the grandmother on the telephone. The relative went to the residence and found the child dead in the car, the statement said.