Police investigate after infant found dead in car

Associated Press

An 11-month-old boy was found dead in a car seat where he had been left for several hours after his mother forgot about him, Kentucky State Police said.

"She was running a little late Thursday morning and she normally takes the 11-month-old to daycare and drops him off first," said Trooper Steve Pavey. "She dropped her other children off at school first, then went to (work at) the health department."

After work, the woman called her mother and asked her to pick up the boy at daycare, Pavey said. When the woman's mother called to say the child hadn't been dropped off, the woman realized she left her son in the car seat and quickly made her way back to the vehicle, Pavey said.

"She, being a nurse, tried CPR and tried to revive him, but was unsuccessful," Pavey said.

Police did not release the name of the mother or the child.

A report from the Kentucky medical examiner said heat and dehydration will probably be listed as the cause of death, Pavey said. The car's windows were closed and the doors were locked, he said.

Meade County Coroner Bill Adams said all information concerning the death was being released by Kentucky State Police and would not respond to questions.

The case was turned over to the commonwealth attorney in Meade County to determine if it would be presented to a grand jury.

"Obviously, it's a no-win situation," Pavey said. "The family is distraught over a terrible accident ... yet understandably there will be people who will say it shouldn't have happened."